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Magnet Club

Magnet Club

The wider your social circle is, the greater are your chances of finding love.

Magnet aims at introducing you to other concious and fun-loving singles. For that we have created Magnet Club´s events, that take place once a month all over Estonia. For example, we host singles Valentines´s Day discos, hikings adventures, Sunday brunces and speed-dating evening. Magnet Club members are carefully selected and desire to establish a relationship is highly valued quality.

Don´t miss out on your chance to meet new people.

What is more, Magnet Club members get a better deal for Magnet´s dating-related services.


Magnet Club membership 1 month €25

Reasons to join Magnet Club

Magnet’s matchmaker compares your profile with the profiles of other members. You will be notified, if a potential match is found for you.
You can use Magnet Club´s date coaching, mock dating, and dating planning services with a friendly price.
You will have priority access to Magnet Club´s exclusive singles events.
Magnet Club members are honest, authentic, and dedicated singles who wish to create a meaningful relationship.

Magnet Club Events



Magnet30 1.sünnipäev!
Magnet30 vestlusõhtu
Magnet30 vestlusõhtu
Magneti kiirkohtingud
Valentinipidu vallalistele
Magnet Club kiirkohtingu õhtu
Magnet Club kakaoõhtu vallalistele
Magnet Club kiirkohtingu õhtu
Magnet Club matk vallalistel
Magnet Club kohtinguõhtu
Magnet Club NAISTELE!
Magnet Club vallaliste brunch
Date night for singles
Magnet Club kohtinguõhtu
Magnet Club talvine matk
Date night for singles
Kiirkohting Tartus
Kiirkohting Tallinnas


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