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Magnet Club


Magnet Club gives you special access to our club’s singles events, where you’ll have the chance to meet lots of singles. We’ll also add your details to our database, and if we notice that your profile matches another member’s, we’ll offer you the chance to meet. Joining Magnet Club requires a personal chat.

EUR 25 per month

Magnet Gold


During the personal matchmaking process, your matchmaker will get to know you and together you’ll discuss what kind of partner you want to find. The personal matchmaking service lasts for 6 months and your personal matchmaker will be with you throughout the process. Within six months, you can expect to be introduced to 6-8 people who want to meet you.

EUR 490 per month

Magnet Lux


If you’re looking for a companion, but Magnet’s personalised matchmaking service isn’t right for you in terms of time, price or the profile you’re looking for, then contact us and we’ll find the best match for you.

€60 per hour



Lessons in love – who hasn’t had them? However, some lessons should not be repeated or it is especially good to learn from the experiences of others. Magnet´s Love Coach gives you advice and tips on how to make your dates more conscious and your relationships more fulfilling.

90 eur/1,5h

Magnet Club member 70 eur/1,5h


Before the first date, your heart should beat a little faster. Sometimes, however, anxiety can get the best of you and ruin a beautiful opportunity. To prevent this, we offer an opportunity to go on a date with Magnet´s Love Coach. It will be a date that will leave you confident and eager to meet new people.

70 eur/h

Magnet Club member 50 eur/h


Sometimes you feel like you want to have a different kind of date, but you just don’t have the ideas or the time. Magnet Love Coach listens to your wishes and suggests exciting ways to surprise your partner on a date. The Magnetic Love Coach listens to your wishes and suggests exciting ways to surprise your partner on a date.

70 eur/h

Magnet Club member 70 eur/h

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