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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No visible database nor phoptos. Magnet´s machmaker will have a personal call with each member. For best compatibility, every potential match is carefelly thought of.

Magnet Dating Agency is personal and diverse, aiming at bringing together best matches. Every Magnet member is interested in long-term realationship. We believe that your time is too valuable to date people who are looking for just a fling.

Our clients find us through various ways. Referrals from our clients and Magnet Club events brings us new members. In addition, Magnet is visible in media. Magnet´s latest news can be found via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. An easy way to reache us is by our web-page.

No, your profile will be approved by you first and only then will it be shared with potential matches. You profile is only desciptive and does not include photo.

No, Magnet´s profiles are descriptive only. One of the reasons is to free everyone from bias.

For creating good matches we combine different methods. Most of all we consider, what a person is looking for in a portential partner and we top it off with our matchmakers´s experience and intuition.

Introduction is a description of a person in a PDF-format. Based on the introduction you can decide if you choose to meet the person or not.

Considering different aspects about Estonia, it is difficult to predict a percise time. Magnet´s matchmaker will do her best to find you a suitable match as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we can not promise you that. However, Magnet´s team will work hard to match most suitable partners and to give you the best options for falling in love.

We can not say that but it is increasing with each day. Magnet´s team engages new member every month with singles events. Bigger database provides you with better options for great matches.

No, Magnet´s singles events happen in various cities in Estonia and that is for a reason. Estonia is such a lovely place that deserves exploring and why not get to know people along the way. Magnet collaborates with different agencies from Europe and if you are interested, we can search for love from different countries. Get in touch and tell us more about your wishes.