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On the first date, if you have chemistry without the connection, you will get the call. If you have connection without chemistry, you probably won’t!” Matthew Hussey.

I have conflicting thoughts about chemistry ruling out connection on the first date. I believe that building a good relationship takes more than just chemistry. Many people get stuck in destructive relationships because they have good chemistry, or they are looking for chemistry to guide them to the right person.

The more I work with relationships, the more I see that people are searching for the love that will sweep them off their feet, the Hollywood-imprinted idea of love that conquers everything. Movies often end when the couple kisses in the rain, leaving the viewer with the idea that true love equals this mesmerizing and overwhelming feeling. Excited to experience a similar kind of love, people in the real world start looking for a partner, surrounded by Hollywood fiction. While some may find this type of love, many others become sad and disappointed and may even start to question themselves.

For me, true love is different. It is like a sunrise (Yes, don’t laugh!). First, the colors in the sky provide a hint that something magnificent is about to happen. When the first rays come out, it may still be cold, but you can witness the power of the beams as the morning dew evaporates. As you feel the sunshine on your skin, it all merges into a moment of bliss, a feeling that is so calm and deep inside of you. That is true love to me: a love that grows slowly. Building connection and trust between partners so that the feeling of love can emerge from that space.

So, what is true love like for you?

Magnet Dating Agency aims to build connections between people for love to grow.

Eliia Laats


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